Scholarships and Bursaries

Any student who plans to continue his or her education in any field at a university, college, or training school should consider making application for a scholarship, bursary, award or interest free loan.

The Ministry of Education is phasing out the Passport to Education Program.  The allocation of Passport to Education stamps will be phased out over a three-year period, beginning this current year (2013/14) for Grade 10 Passport stamps, followed by Grade 11 Passport stamps in 2014/15 and Grade 12 Passport stamps in 2015/16. NOTE:  Students who have already received a passport to Education Award (stamps) will continue to be able to redeem their award towards tuition at their designated post-secondary institution until the expiry date stated on the stamps.
An award may be in the form of money or a prize such as a book or trophy. Such an award is made on the basis of the students’ academic achievement, attitude, and/or contribution to the school and community.
A scholarship is a gift of money awarded on the basis of high academic achievement or other criteria as outlined by the donor.
A bursary is awarded primarily on the basis of need and a satisfactory achievement or other criteria as outlined by the donor.
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Further information may be obtained from the Career Centre.
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