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Course Outline
Parent Letter

Unit 1: Evolution

Darwin vs. Lamarck Notes
Evidence of Evolution Notes
Mechanisms of Evolution Notes
Evolution of Barbellus Activity
Population Genetics Notes
Speciation Notes
Evolution WKS


Unit 2 : Classification & Viruses

Classification Notes
Viruses Notes
Virus Cycles Handout


Unit 3: Cells and Bacteria

Microscope Notes
Cell Notes
Magnification Worksheet
Cell Worksheet #1
Cell Worksheet #2
Plant & Animal Cell Diagrams
Cell Crossword
Cell Parts Matching 
Bacteria Notes
Bacteria WKS #1
Bacteria WKS #2
Bacteria WKS #3
Bacteria Lab
Microscope, Cell, & Bacteria Review


Unit 4: Kingdom Protista

Protists Notes
Paramecium Diagram
Paramecium Lab
Mixed Protist Lab
Protista Review 


Unit 5: Kingdom Animalia

Kingdom Animalia Notes
Phylum Porifera Notes
Phylum Cnidaria Notes
Cnidaria WKS
Cnidaria Lab
Phylum Platyhelminthes Notes
Planaria Lab
Flatworm WKS
Platyhelminthes Lab
Phylum Nematoda Notes
Phylum Rotifera Notes
Nematod & Rotifera WKS
Simple Animal Test Review Outline
Simple Animal Test Review WKS
Simple Animal Review Game
Phylum Annelida Notes
Earthworm Observations
Annelid WKS #1
Annelid WKS #2
Earthworm Lab
Phylum Annelida Study Sheet
Phylum Molluska Notes
Mollusk WKS #1
Mollusk WKS #2
Phylum Molluska Study Sheet
Phylum Arthropoda Notes
Arthropod WKS #1
Arthropod WKS #2
Crustacean External Features
Crayfish Lab
Defense & Protection in Arthropods
Phylum Echinodermata Notes
Seastar Lab
Echinoderm Worksheet #1
Echinoderm Worksheet #2
Phylum Chordata & Fish Notes
Fish & Amphibian WKS
Amphibian Notes
Amphibian WKS